Are You Looking for a Great Moving Company in Ottawa?

Many of my clients often approach me and ask if I know any great moving companies. There are so many to choose from in the Ottawa-Gatineau region and I often recommend one that is based out of Orleans called Box Your Move.

There are several reasons I recommend them including:

1. They are an eco-friendly moving company. They offer an innovative service using plastic moving boxes. Rather than going the traditional route, forcing you to either purchase or find a ton of cardboard moving boxes, Box Your Move offers plastic moving crates for FREE when you use their moving services. This lessens the carbon footprint on the environment, and saves you a lot of work in the process. They even give you free zip ties and labels to easily track what goes in each box.

2. Their prices are extremely competitive. They offer a moving truck and two men starting at a 4 hour move – including 1 hour of travel time. Other moving companies can charge double that in a flash.

3. I’ve used their services – and was extremely happy. I can personally vouch for their services as I’ve used them in the past. This is helpful as I can attest to the quality and level of service that I received. I’ve even sent friends and family their way and they’ve all been extremely happy with the outcome. U-Haul was going to charge nearly $300 just for a truck rental. Plus we would need to move everything ourselves. For an extra bit of money we didn’t have to worry about moving our stuff, packing the truck or travelling across town in a huge moving truck.

4. They are a local company. Box Your Move isn’t some huge national chain of moving companies. They are a locally-owned moving company that focuses on customer service. They don’t need to worry about going through the chain-of-command to make decisions. They are able to customize any package to suit your needs which makes it extremely convenient. Besides, who doesn’t want to support a local company.

In short, if you or anybody you know is looking for a great moving company or moving services (or even plastic moving box rentals) in Ottawa-Gatineau, please contact our friends at Box Your Move.

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